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zo6 wheels, centerlines, custom fuel rail covers, cam, lug nuts, and 140 piece knife

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I have a few things for sale, I am just going to combine all of them on one thread here.

4 Chrome ZO6 wheels 17x9.5, They come with Mickey Thompson ET Streets on the rear (6months old) and Mich. Phantoms 275x45xr17 on the front, about 70% left. I dropped the price alot on these, I will take $975.00 shipped or $850.00 picked up. Pm me your e-mail address if you want pics

I also have 2 Centerline Warrior wheels 15x4 with a 1.75 backspace with 5 on 4 3/4 requiring no, spacers or grinding of any kind to the wheels or calipers, Will take $200.00 plus shipping for these. Or will trade for Prostars of the same size. Pm me your e-mail address if you want pics

I have custom Trans Am fuel rail covers for sale on ebay item number 7993667130 check them out

I have 20 of the oem threaded lug nuts, the lug nuts that have the threads on the outside for the plastic covers to screw on. You can have them for $9.00 shipped.

I also have a 140 piece knife set on ebay item number 7176533134 a great buy.

And lastly I have a stock cam, pushrods, and valve springs for a 2002 Pontiac TransAm WS.6 with 35k miles on it, $35.00 shipped
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hey wuts up man, yea im interested on those corvette rims and well my e-mail is [email protected]
please send pics of zo6 wheels to [email protected]
The zo6 wheels are being sold today, I will pm u if they fall thru
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