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I’m looking for a few more parts to finish my wet nitrous kit I’m putting on my car. If you have any of the parts I need below please send me a message. They can be new or used as long as they work its fine with me. This is a budget build so the cheaper the better. I’m located in Southern Maryland in case anyone wants to meet up instead of having to ship. Thanks for all your help guys!

•NGK TR-6 Sparkplugs
•Bottle Warmer
•Fuel Pressure Safety Switch
•Remote Bottle Opener
•Blow Down Tube
•Nitrous & Fuel Filter
•93-97 A4 Nitrous Outlet Switch Panel
•Nitrous Bottle Pressure Gauge
•Nitrous Outlet F-body Spare Tire Bottle Mount
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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