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SSp1d3y said:
mark113o said:
Check out my trader rating on my username is Marc1130. The waterpump is $50 + freight. Send me your zip and we have a deal. Comes with pre wired weather proof connectors - ull have to splice in a relay circuit
Do you have pictures
Email me at [email protected] - private messaging is not working.

Please see pictures below. The pump comes with the freeze plug, instructions are on the website, its model wp118. Retails for $280 this one was used for 30k miles after a rebuild from mezziere and is in working order. If it ever needs work mezziere rebuilds these for $80 I believe. But generally these pumps go 150k miles with no problems given install was performed properly. last I checked never had any problems, all the seals were replaced and the motor was realigned at the factory. I definitely noticed a 8-10hp gain after this install. I've been trying to get rid of all my firebird parts quickly as I am moving soon.

I recommend using a relay and tapping it off the ignition circuit. I can give you a relay at no extra charge. Also try to use a minimum of 14 awg wire for the power (blue splices), hooked directly to the auxiliary battery terminal on the passenger side, route the wires to the driver side and you can use 16 awg wire for the relay circuit from the ignition/ I can provide weather proof splices for the water pump connector, and some 14 awg terminals and clips for the relay and the battery power. You'll need a splice to hook into the ignition. There's a grounding screw on the radiator cross member that I used. You def wanna use a fuse on the power circuit. See wiring diagram here. Please let me know what you wanna do because I may post this publicly for $100 in the case you don't want it, but for now you are first in line.

Meziere electric pump warning LEDs - DIY - Corvette Forum

Product information / Instructions:
Meziere Enterprises

Photos of WP: 09.27.56.jpg 09.27.25.jpg 09.27.11.jpg 09.26.57.jpg 09.28.01.jpg

Wiring Diagram:
Meziere electric pump warning LEDs - DIY - Corvette Forum
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