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Hi Guys... Just want to say up front that I'm an interloper LOL... I'm here looking for some technical advice regarding a set of 2000 Trans Am seats that I've acquired and intend to install in my '69 Camaro. The guy I bought the seats from is semi-local, about a hundred miles away in the Albany area. He has a beautiful 2000 Trans Am and he's swapped out his seats for a set of Corvette C5 seats, also put Corvette wheels on it. Anyway, I bought his seats with the intention of having them redone in white to match my Camaro's interior. I picked up a harness from the infamous FirebirdJeff and I've tested the seats... all the bladders work great and the power driver's seat also works fine. I removed the DS seat mechanism to clean it up a bit and noticed two (2) wires I hadn't paid attention to before; an Orange wire and a Black wire built into the harness. They have crimped connectors on them, and now I'm not sure where they connect or if they are even used.

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I figured there must be plenty of people who've played with these seats in this forum so here I am, asking for some help. Here's a couple of pix of the car, the donor seats, and what I hope they'll look like when my upholstery guy is done. I might ask him to cut the height of the headrest a little, but otherwise these seats are incredibly comfortable, especially compared to the OEM seats in my car.

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That last picture shows all the grey plastic done in black. I assume that's done with adhesion promoter and then black interior spray. I wish I could eliminate the clamshell piece as I'm suspect of that stitching soft material to a semi-rigid shell. Anyway, I will close this out and note that I am a 3-time Pontiac guy, 4-time Vette owner, this is my 1st Camaro. Thanks in advance for any help/advice you might offer.-Mike

EDIT: My son and I had tested these under crummy light and I had called him and asked him if he remembered anything about the wiring. He said he was pretty sure that the two wires were it. So I tried a lower voltage near dead battery to see if anything moved and it did but barely. Connected the good battery and everything worked. I was afraid that I might short out the motors or the compressor but apparently its not rocket science... power and ground. All is well.
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