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Winter Plans?

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So what are your winter plans?

My T/A wont be seeing anything new this winter. :( But I will be buying a house next summer with a nice 2 car garage.

So winter 06 will be seeing some nice mods. Probably buy a 350 short block, add Scoggin Dickey "Upgraded Vortec Head Kit, Roller, Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap" kit, cam, 750cfm carb, LT headers.
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A garage (w/attached house) is the best mod I've ever done! Good luck!
Chris 96 WS6 said:
A garage (w/attached house) is the best mod I've ever done! Good luck!
:werd: The garage will be the selling point of the place. :cool:

Right now I have to work in a gravel drive way or the grass. :thumbdown
I need to figure out some cooling issues, pickup a new new carb. Probably rewire my gauges. But that is it. I spend way too much money on the bird last year and drove it only a week this year.
I plan on stripping the 88 bird to put the 85 back together and somewhere in all of that I have to build a motor.
the 91 Z will be getting a mean lil transplant :devil:
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