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Windshield wiper problem

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My windshield wipers on my 1997 Trans Am do not work at all. I dont hear any noise at any position the switch is in. The washer tab does not work either but the cruise control does and the security light is on; not sure if the security light would have anything to do with the problem. I have checked all fuses and they are all good. I have searched the forums but each one I read has either had to deal with the wipers not parking in the right position or the wipers are not functioning in the delay position. At first I was thinking that maybe the problem is the wiper switch or wiper pulse board; but I would like to ask you all first before throwing parts at it.
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Don't know what year your car is, but did you try the wiper test charts in one of the available factory service manuals found in this section. There are 94, 96, 98, and 00 manuals to choose from.
Its a 97 Trans Am. It kind of slipped my mind when posting.
96 manual will work for your 97 as it shares about 99% of the info with the 97.

Near the beginning of the wiper section there is a troubleshooting chart with step by step directions of what to check when there is no wiper activity at all.

If you don't know where to find a connector that is mentioned, at the end of the electrical section, should be a component views section, that includes most connectors.
ok thanks for the info I will try that monday.
Update: Ok I looked at the charts in the manual and its saying that it could be either the wiper motor or the wiper switch. I have not been able to test the connections yet but I am hoping it is the wiper motor because it is cheaper and less of a pain than changing the wiper switch.
Update: I swapped out the wiper motor a couple of days ago and it did not change anything so now I need to change the wiper switch. The one thing I was not looking forward to changing. Changing out the wiper motor was not as hard as I thought it would be, as long if you have the right tools and some PB blaster your good to go.
Should I be able to move the turn signal lever towards the steering wheel as if I have hi-beams? It does not move forward towards the dash but it does move back towards the steering wheel.
You pull it back to click the high beams on and off.
well I guess I have another problem. I wonder if the new wiper switch would fix that too.
Huh? You pull it back towards the steering wheel and it clicks for high beams on/off. Its not like fords that can go forward as well.
Start with the basics does it have power and ground before you start throwing parts at it
Follow the procedure in the troubleshooting chart. If you don't have a multimeter, buy one for $5 from Harbor Freight or somewhere like that and learn to use it. If both the wipers and washer do not work, that sounds like a wiring problem or a loose connection. Check the connector at the base of the steering column.
Huh? You pull it back towards the steering wheel and it clicks for high beams on/off. Its not like fords that can go forward as well.
The switch will pull back towards the steering wheel but does not click at all. The T]turn signals work fine just a little slow probably because my drivers side rear side marker is out.

I know it is getting power

I know the wiper part of the switch does not work and previous owner cut the vacuam line to the washer pump in atleast 4 pieces. I will check the wires later on today. I have a feeling that he might have cut some wires down there too.
Oh ok, I missed where you said it is not clicking.
Update: I sent the car to the shop to get the wiper switch installed today since I dont know anything about electrical work and I didnt want to forget where everything goes; while I was there working on something else the mechanic told me that the switch wasnt even plugged in. I know you'll said check all the wires first which I honestly did not do. I only checked some wires. So in the end my wipers work but I dont have high beams because the lever does not click, but I can live without high beams for now. Thank you everybody that has helped me solve this problem. Now on to the next problem lol.
There is a rod that attaches to the high beam change over lever that goes to the actual electrical part of the headlight change over switch. This electrical part of the headlight change over switch is attached to steering column under the dash. A rod connects the lever to the change over switch.

If the rod has come out, or the change over switch is not adjusted correctly on the steering column, the lever won't click when you try to change to high beams. Or the change over switch could be broken.
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