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which gaskets ?

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Soo i'm 98% done buying all the parts i need for my H/C/I build. Here's my list of what i bought and what i have on the car now. soo you will know which gaskets i need.

what i bought: Llyod elliott LE2 Cam and heads 223/227.610/.614 112 LSA and the heads are .02/1.60 valves
Patriot Gold Dbl springs, Ti retainers, locks and locators
custom valve job
mill, cleaning and assembly
flow about 305/220 heads i bought are 243's btw.
ls6 ported oil pump, ls2 timing chain, ls7 lifters, ls6 intake, ticks master adjustable,gm slave. monster stage 2 clutch. plx wideband.
what i have on the car now: tsp 1 7/8 longtubes, egr air and pump delete, ported throttle body, slp air lid, slp lm2 catback, ory pipe. and hp tunner work done to it.
I'm keeping the stock injectors, unless the duty cycle exceeds 80-90% the rockers that came on the 243 heads i will use.
Now my question to all of this, is the gaskets, i narrowed it down to where im getting them and my options but i'm not sure which to choose from i have a link for it. and my very last thing i need i have to wait till i tear the top end off to figure it out, i need to get pushrod lenght checkers and then i will get hardend pushrods once i findout the correct lenght.
Basic Heads & Camshaft Bolt & Gasket Kit
which size gaskets and what lenght bolts ?
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Might help to know what you're starting with. Can we assume an LS1 between '98 and '02?

Gaskets - use the ones for LS1 bore size. Thickness depends upon the static CR you're shooting for. .041" compressed usually work well on a stock displacement and chamber size LS1.

Bolts - I assume you mean head bolts. Use the ones for the year of your block like it says in the listing.
Also try to use the gm gaskets as much as possible . The green silicon seal ones . They are rated for the e85 fuel .. In turn is more resistant to breaking down and last longer . At east that's what a few of the machine shops I have had do work on a few of the motors I've worked with . They are not much more if not the same as felpro .... The oil pan gasket from gm has the pop rivet spots to hold it to the pan . Felpro victor don't .
sorry it's a '98. I guess i will get the 3.910" bore size and i'll get the MLS. just wondering if i should get the gm or arp crank bolt ? and if i should stick with the pre 04 bolt kit since, i bought heads from a 06 ls2 even though its going on my '98 camaro. I'm also thinking about skipping the triunion upgrade and keep the stock rockers that came with the 243 heads because i wont be spinning it past 6200.
It's the block, not the head, that determines the head bolts.

For 6200 RPMs, a new factory damper bolt will be fine. However, I highly recommend you pin the damper to the crank. ATI Performance Products 918993 -
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