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When is it time to let it go?

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This is going to be a long rant/personal think on paper, so sorry ahead of time.

Ive had my car for 7 years, and built it up from a bone stock to the paper filter car to what it is now, all by myself. It was a college DD, a road trip warrior, and now once in a blue moon weekend play toy/sleeper that runs low 12s and shits on much higher HP cars in the 1/4. I recently sold my 9" and BMR rear suspension (which I got for free after parting out a car) for $2000 and picked up a 3.73 LS1 rear complete with a spohn adjustable torque arm and LCAs for $500, so I am up $1500. I put the car on craigslist 2 months ago at $3500 with no pictures and a shitty description, and have been very up and down on if I would actually sell if if someone came with cash, but didnt really think it would happen.

Well, today, someone came with all $3500 cash and didnt even haggle after he heard it fire up. The 3.73 rear is still not in the car because I need to pick up some brake lines, so he left with a handshake that I would call him when it is driveable, but was willing to put down a $500 deposit and was absolutely certain he would take it, but I told him to bring it all when I call him.

I also have a standing agreement to trade it plus $1000 for a 01 Ram 1500 ext cab short bed 4x4 with a 5.9 at the end of february so the guy can use the truck through winter. The truck is probably worth $5000, although I havnt seen it in person yet.

If I take the cash, I will have gotten $5000 for an LT1 with 140k on it. If I take the truck, I will take a gamble on a vehicle, but will be possibly trading up, and basically be getting $5500 for an LT1 with 140k on it.

I dont know what the **** to do.

I love this car, Ive had it for 7 years, Ive had blood, sweat and tears, literally all over this car. Ive pulled apart and put back every single tiny little piece on this car. Every ding, dent, scratch, hiccup, sound, rattle, everything, I know in this car. It is the most comfortable car I have EVER driven.

Yet it sits. And sits. I still daydream all freaking day and night about what I will do with this car. One day its a 3.875"x4.060 sb2.2 converted vic jr OBD1 with an opti LS1 killer, the next its a chinese single turbo 4.8 TH400 8 second drag car, the next its a mild 450hp take it on road trips again head/cam 357.

LS1s are cheap now. stock LT1s that need work are practially free, and if you build a car now, why start with one that already runs and drives? Shouldnt I pick one up that needs an engine rebuild for dirt cheap since Im going to rebuild it anyways?

Or how about going back about 25 years and getting something COOL.

Imagine $5000 day trading on the stock market instead of depreciating in my garage? Lt1 tuners are getting rarer and rarer these days.

$5000. I want all of you who have been building your LT1s for years now to think about the path you WISH YOU COULD HAVE TAKEN if you knew then what you know now. I have probably $10,000 into my car, and if I could do it again, for $5000 I would be 2 seconds faster in the 1/4.

A man and his first sports car, when do you let it go? Can you move on? Can you get another car? What if you dont? Will the regret eat at you? :poke:
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I have way to much into my build and its still in pieces.

Part of me says I should have bought a trans for the truck instead and had a high 11 sec diesel, but, I can't get rid of the LT1.

Been my first car and been my lego set for the past decade. Sadly.

It's hard to get rid of something you have your blood, sweat, and tears into, not to mention several pounds of flesh and 10K. If it were me, since I know I'll never get what I have in it, selling it, I would keep the car and store it where it would be out of the weather. But that's just me.

I'm still collecting parts to build my 95, which in April, I would have for 5 years. Don't have much spare money, but I keep plugging away finding good deals on parts. Almost have everything for the engine I want. Then I can start on transmission rebuild parts, torque converter, rear gears, etc. Might take me another 5 years to get her done, but I'm going to continue.
Ive got a lot of thinkin to do. A lot of drinkin and a lot of thinkin.
I don't have years into my car so I can't help you there, and I barely even have 7 months of driving on it, but I'll tell you what I'm feeling about my own 94 Z28.

I'm 18, and fell completely in love with it. After 5 months I blew the tranny, and 50 miles later blew the engine. I'm nearly double into the car what I paid for it, and it seems like the money wasn't even thought about to fork over for my baby.

I plan to keep the car forever. It's my first car and ill never let it die. Whether it be an engine, a transmission, or just a loose Window, it'll all be worth it for me.

I think if I ever sold the car, I'd literally cry. Sure, call me weak, but I never thought I'd be so attached to a car, let along one that's so hard to work on.

I've only had it for less than a year, but feel like it's now a part of me. I think if you were to sell it you'd be very disappointed. The car tells a story, shows your character, and without it it'll just be a memory.

I hope you end up keeping it, nothing will ever come close to replacing your loved f body. Money can buy short term happiness, but a car that reflects yourself in its deep shine is priceless.

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I've owned My 97 for 14 years and have well over 30 in it.. heck 4 in the last few months. It was my first real car.. I never plan on selling and am not worried about where I could be speed wise looking back .. there's memories and history that HP can't buy .. let alone passing it to the next generation. If it Were me I say keep it .. all the cool ones i got rid of cuz I thought it made financial sense I now regret.. and in some cases rebaught. But I do gotta say you took a deposit .. in My world that means something. To back out makes you not a real man in My opinion.. that's a point of pride and respect in My book... Good luck with your descision.
I did not take the deposit... I knew I needed some time to think it over.

But to top it off I got offered $4100 by another guy if I put heat back in it. I told both of them I would contact them if/when I'm ready.
At the end of the day it's your decision. Do you care about your car? If so, how much of it is sentimental? If you sell it and the next owner totals it would you care? Just think about how someone else owning it could effect you. The saying "you don't know what you got till its gone" or something like that could be said here. Just think it through. Good luck.

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Gothca. Sorry I misread the 500 deposit thing. As everyone is saying ..go with you gut... Another thing to maybe keep in mind.. yeah they are cheap as hell right now, I'm guessing in another 5 yrs the price will start going up on these . As they start dissapearing or getting hacked up. It's the same thing that happened to the 3rd gens about 7 yrs ago.. buy low ...sell high.. , selling now would be selling low. Just another thing to lthink about.
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