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whats your thoughts on racing seats?

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anyone running racing seats in there f body's?
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i'm not a very big guy( 150lbs) the stock seats don't hold me in to good. i would like a seat that wraps around me more for when going into turns to hold me in. So! if there is a racing seat like that I'd be all for it! and easier to put in 5 point seat belt :D
i know how you feel im 6 foot tall 150lbs too lol
I run a pair of momo racing seats in my car. It's a pain in the arse getting in and out, but once your in the seat... It's heaven

Plus they look really good in f-body cars as long as they're black so that they don't look tacky. My car is in storage for winter, if I get a chance this weekend I'll post a pic
i would really like to see a pic of them once you get the chance. why is it like heaven to you?
The comfort of them and how they fit like a glove once in them
In for pictures.. I would really like to upgrade seats.. Though it is quite a ways down the line of things to do. Haha.
It's not the greatest pic because the car hasn't been pulled out for the season yet and is still a mess from my cam/head swap but here's a pic of what racing seats look like in a f-body

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Depends on the seat. The aluminum ones aren't very comfortable. I considered some of the nice padded ones before I sold my SS. My V has recaros. They're nice, but can make conceal carrying painful for daily usage.
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