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Hey everyone. My name is Justin and I'm a new member to this awesome site. I've used this site many times and it's answered many questions I have had as well as my friends.
I'm originally from Minnesota but moved to Arizona a couple years ago. After 27 years of long winters I couldn't stand storing my cars for at least 5 months out of the year so I finally made the move and never regretted it. I still make it up to Brainerd International Raceway every year at watch my buddy run their cars and party my ass off. It's been a tradition for 15 years now.
Now about my cars. I bought a 1996 Z28 6 speed when I was 17 yrs old and still have it 12 years later. It has 72,xxx miles on it and is on its 2nd tranny and 3rd 10 bolt and 2nd driveshaft(I blame the Centerforce DF and mickey Thompsons). It only has a few bolt ons (catback, intake, smog delete, free mods) but I've managed 13.3's with it. I've been on multiple cross country road trips with it and it gets 28mpgs hwy! It still resides in MN.
Next my Daily Driver is a stock 1996 A4 Corvette with 106,xxx miles. Nothing special. 25mpg hwy and most importantly the AC works great. (a must in Phoenix)
Last is a 1965 Pontiac GTO. It has a all iron Pontiac 455 with 456hp 540ft lbs 9.5/1 compression, holley 770, th400, 3800 stall, ford 9" with 370's. All original, full interior. Best run to date 12.08 @109mph. I love driving/racing this thing. It's kind of a sleeper.
So that's a little bit about me and my rides. Thanks everyone for the years of F-body advise and I'm excited to finally be a member.
I'll shut up now
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