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What's up from Arkansas

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I just bought a 97 firebird trans am with 180,000 miles,car still runs strong.Only one mod I see so far (cold air intake) ,I got this car because I have always been fascinated by the GTA's and Iroc-z's performance back in the days (my friends had them I couldn't afford one) but I got this car to restore it and have fun doing wots sometimes,no mods,I want my engine to stay original the, cold air was on it when I bought it so lcan live with that.I'll be on the forum evetday,so if I run into problems d:thumbsup:eek:wnthe line I'll be sure come to guys for help
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My last thread kept malfunctioning everytime I would type words,but my engine is an LT1
Welcome to the site, I'm new to the forums as well and I recently purchased a 97 trans am too.
Got any pics?
pics posted to photo gallery

I've put pics of my ride in the photo gallery nothing fancy just my car,I think the chrome exhaust tips.I just wanna show everyone what I'm working with, just little things, not nothing major(except the t-tops leak when it rains)but the engine runs good.I'll keep post and pics when i start to do upgrades.
To jus showin Love, Brand New to the Site An Car. So good Luck wit your 97 an Welcome to the board!!
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