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What's the best stall???

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I have a little problem... I'm not sure about what stall I should use in my 95 z28
280xfi comp cam, 1.6 aluminum rocker arm , bee hive value springs, pacesetter long tube headers, stock heads, new pushrods ...Can anyone help me out ???
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My buddy owns pro torque. He has some of the best torque converters in the country. A lot of fast fast cars run his stuff. Check it out.

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dont buy B&M they are low quality and have heard nothing but bad things about it
They were never in mind lol but have you heard of Monster torque converters
If they have anything to do with monster transmissions I wouldn't go that route either. I'm telling you don't go cheap on a torque converter. Make sure you call my body he'll hook you up with something good for a nice price. I'm buying one for my 94 from him next year.

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