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What tires would you suggest???

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Hey guys and gals. I have a mostly stock 96 WS6 that came with some really ugly wheels! I picked up some C5 wheels that are 17x8.5 and 18x9.5. What would the optimal tire size be that would not cause any problems?

Ugly 18's that it came with are outta here!
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275/40-17 or 255/40-17 for the front. 275 is stock for 17" 4th gens. I ran 255 for a while because that was the size the tires I wanted to run came in.

Never paid much attention to 18's so I'll let someone else chime in on that.

Stock fbody 17" wheel width is 9". If these a actual C5 wheels, aren't the backspacing of the rears off for a f-body? IIRC the C5 ran 245/45-17 up front.
275/40/18 on the rear
its 275/35/18 on the rear to maintain a 26" tire
245-45-17 and 275-35-18 are going to give you the correct diameter and will also fit the wheels correctly. I cannot advocate a 275 on the front with only a 8.5" wheel.
if u wanna go BIG....i have a set of c5 chrome 5 star 18x9.5s as well..i am running 285/40/18 nittos on the rear..BUT...i have removed the bump stops via (torch) and also used the BFH mod.once you test drive a couple times and continue to use the hammer to tweek the inner fender which can take a little time....but let me tell ya..they look bad ass and the car hooks great with NO rubbing once your done tweeking..even under high speed cornering no rubbing!!!!!!..I just ordered a set of 15s for the rear just because i need to go bigger via NOS mod ;)
The fenders on the Fbodies were not designed for bigger than 17s. When I see anything bigger the car looks awkward to me. I think 17s look perfect on these cars. Just a visual critique.
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