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What tires are you running?

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I am running Nittos DR 245/50R16. They hook pretty good on the street and race. Plus i do get caught in a rain shower i stand a good chance. ;)

Also what psi? I run 32 on the street and 18 at the track.
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I run Nitto 555r's on the street at 32psi. If I'm racing 18psi.

I have a set of 28" Hoosiers on Draglite's for the track. Althuogh I haven't had a chance to use them yet. I need a rear end first.
Nitto 555 DRs on the street, and Hoosier QTPs at the track.
nitto 555DRs 305/45/18 on the street and 28" M/T ET Drags at the track. nittos at 32psi and m/t's at 12psi cold/14psi heated
lol, my nitto's are my track tires 275/50/15 running 18PSI

BFG kdws on the street
I'm running 245 nitto's too, but can't hook for shit with them. They weren't bad before the cam, but now it's hard to catch traction. And on the spray, no way...
26/10.5 ET Streets.

15 lbs at the track and about 28 lbs on the street.
Do you guys who are running ET street use tubes in them?
I don't use tubes until I have to get down below 12 psi in the tires. And if you are that low you need more tire anyways!!!

I run Falken FE512s on the street, and have ran several different tires for the track. About to order a set of the MT ET STREET RADIALS, and see how they do, but might order some Nittos, who knows. Hate to run the MTs on the street too much adn waste all that track stuff.
Used to use ET streets with the A4, set at 15psi. Now I'm on Nitto 555r's 275/40-17.
I don't run tubes in my ET Streets.
Hoosier Quicktime Pro DOT 9.50-26x14 at 19 psi. No tubes.
yokohama Avid V-4 245 50 16 on the street. They arent drag radials bu they hook up pretty ****in good.
Mickey thompson Sportsman pro 28x9.5x16 at the track. but have yet to actually use them yet.
Stock 245 RSA's lol

Actually pulled a 1.99 60' out of them too.
28-12.50-15" ET Streets.... 16ish #'s at the track... 28 #'s on the street.
28" et drags 12# at the track 30# on the street(yes i run et drags on the street too)
Im running nittos now.... I was running them 4-5 years ago but then i tried et streets, but couldnt stand them for street use since they handled like azz around turns even at 30psi... they hook, but i just like driving to the track and racing to much so im back with nittos now. 26-29psi on the street and 19-21 at the track

my et streets I ran 28-30 on the street and 22 at the track... why 22? Cause the car hooked there so it was no point in going lower and killing top end
Just pulled the tired ET Streets(see above post)and mounted the new M/T ET drag radials(P325-50-15). Car feels MUCH better on the street. We'll see how they do next Sunday at the track. There are guys going mid 1.40's on them after doing 1.60's on the ET Street in an M6... so I'm looking forward to a new best 60' on a decent prep.
I run 275/60/15 MT Drag radials in the street and the track. I've cut 1.49s at 17.5 psi.
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