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In my 95 nissan 200sx yes i kno its not a domestic. id like to say well it slams.

HU. i have a panasonic cq-df738u mp3 player
Component door speakers. Audiobahn ABC6002Q 6.5 component system front and back wich tweeters and the cross overs for each speaker.
High end amp is a Boss C800 not the best name brand but for my highs it gets the job done 150x4 at 4ohm is plenty loudness.
And here comes the pride and joy my subs.
2 Infinity Kappa Perfect 12d vq's dual 4ohm voice coils. 400rms 1600max. Infinities top of the line competition subs.
Sub amp. i had a Soundstorm laboratories f2800 wich was 1600wattx2 but it overheated and went to protection and wont work anymore.
Im about to purchace a Hifonics BX1000D wich will do 1000x1 at 1ohm wich is perfect for what i need.

^thats my car from a few months ago i sold the rims and went back to stock. i kno its ain import but i really have fun in it. i rebuilt the motor from the crank up but now unfortunatly the tranny that has 221kmiles is on its way out.

edit: ill add pictures of all my other items soon. but thats the max pictures it let me add
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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