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What system setups do you have.

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In my 95 nissan 200sx yes i kno its not a domestic. id like to say well it slams.

HU. i have a panasonic cq-df738u mp3 player
Component door speakers. Audiobahn ABC6002Q 6.5 component system front and back wich tweeters and the cross overs for each speaker.
High end amp is a Boss C800 not the best name brand but for my highs it gets the job done 150x4 at 4ohm is plenty loudness.
And here comes the pride and joy my subs.
2 Infinity Kappa Perfect 12d vq's dual 4ohm voice coils. 400rms 1600max. Infinities top of the line competition subs.
Sub amp. i had a Soundstorm laboratories f2800 wich was 1600wattx2 but it overheated and went to protection and wont work anymore.
Im about to purchace a Hifonics BX1000D wich will do 1000x1 at 1ohm wich is perfect for what i need.

^thats my car from a few months ago i sold the rims and went back to stock. i kno its ain import but i really have fun in it. i rebuilt the motor from the crank up but now unfortunatly the tranny that has 221kmiles is on its way out.

edit: ill add pictures of all my other items soon. but thats the max pictures it let me add
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96 Cobra
Pioneer AVIC-N1,,2076_3151_64850099,00.html
With the iPod interface :thumbsup:
Stock speakers

91 LX
Stock cassette deck

99 Ranger
Some cheap ass aftermarket CD player. I think its a Sony
fold out sony deck, not sure which one. pioneer speakers all around. 2 10inch JL's powered by a 500watt eclipse amp. not the most amazing setup, but it definitly gets the job done, lol.
stock cassette head unit
stock monsoon door speakers, about to blow any day now
Pioneer 240W 4-way 6-3/4" sail panel speakers
stock hatch speakers
stock amp
hatch mounted 12-disc CD changer

thinking about puting the same Pioneer speakers in the door, sound really nice
the z has a kenwood head unit.. dont recall the model off the top of my head... alpine speakers all around.. xm roady2 on its way

the blazer... jensen cd player... stock speakers...

the civic... sony cd stock speakers.. cadence q drive 12's and a cadence 600 watt amp
Panasonic CD player with stock speakers. :D
Pioneer TS-A1680R (front)
Kicker K6 (rear)
Kenwood SIR-KEN1 Sirius Radio Tuner & Ant located in the spoiler
Kenwood KDC-MP425
Optima RedTop Battery
stock mosoon cd player for now(gettin alpine 9855 or clarion DZX 945mp soon)
Kenwood excelon 6.5s in the doors
got rid of speakers by rear seats
Audiobahn 1 farad cap
Kicker KX600.1
Kicker S10L7
stock all i think i need an uprgrade
why the hell is it so hard to find a mounting kit for a 93 ta?????
My car came with infiniti speakers and a sony head unit...and I must say...Sony sucks balls...I need a different head unit...
I've got a Pioneer 3600 head unit in the TA with Alpine S series all around - 6.5" coax in front with another set of tweets, 4" in the back, !rear tweets (too much highs in the sound) with some Rockford Fosgate RFP4406 6.5" subs in the sail panels powered by a Rockford Punch 300W amp. I built it to sound good and weigh less than the stock stuff... I'm pretty happy other than the sub I blew this summer, lol
My system:
Premier DEH-P560MP head unit
Pioneer EQ-6500 1/2 din EQ.
Pioneer CDX-P670 6-disc changer

2 G&S GS-5C 5.25" component speakers for kicks.
2 G&S GS-6C 6.5" component speakers for doors.
2 G&S GSX-62 6.5" two-way speakers for beside the back seat.
2 G&S GSX-42 4" two-way speakers for the very back on each side.
2 G&S GS-1222 DVC 12" subs for the boom.
1 G&S GS-4000 amp for subs 400w RMS x 2 channels at 1-ohm.
1 G&S GS-8000 amp for the rest. 150w RMS x 4 channels at 2-ohms.

Install pics of the stuff:
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You've probably already seen mine:
We sure have a lot of Pioneer set-ups ;)

Pioneer DEH940MP w/Memphis 4band EQ
(2) Hooker 4-fused Distribution blocks w/digital voltmeters
MBQ QSD 6.5 comps (fronts)
MBQ PCE 6.5 comps (rears)
MBQ RTE 1" tweeters (a-pillars)
(2) Memphis MC 10 -single 4ohm subs
(2) Memphis MC300 A/B amps (connected w/2 4" heat sinks)
(2) Memphis MC3004 4-ch A/B amps (bi-amped comps)
12 Disc Pioneer CD changer
Batcap 400 (10 farad capacitor)
Tsunami digital battery connectors w/voltmeter

In Sig (webpage)....only one problem! I am losing 1/2 sec on the strip!
400# over stock (4,060 pounds w/full tank and driver) UGHHHHHHH......
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well i have a 2002 chevy silvarado head unit is an alpine ivad901 dvd player 4- 6-1/2 rf x162x with the tweets two rf t2 15's an rf t1500bd and a rf t3001bd with an audio controll 142 band dig. eq. should have it all in by march :devil: :cancan: :devil:
2001 Camaro SS with:
Eclipse CD5000 HU
MB Quart DUA 216 components front
Infinity Kapa components - rear sail
Stealth Box with 10" SoundSplinter sub
Lanzar Vibe 530 - 5 channel 75X4 WRMS, 150X1 WRMS amp. (not junk)
Pioneer 7500MP3
3 Audiobahn Excursion 10's - 400 Watts RMS @ 4 OHM Each
2000 Lanzer ( Junk, but works good )Watt Max Amp ( 1000 RMS @ 4 OHM )
1.5 SPL Digital High Power Cap

It depends on the setup alot. I know people that push more power than me, but it doesnt sound right...or as loud.
Some subs are Enclosed Speaker Subs. That mean absolutely NO AIR coming in or out. tweeters, handles, ports, etc...
If I took them out and put them in a box not made for them, they would not sound right.
It's all on the setup and frequency, ohm etc... Everything has too line up. You cant just hook up a couple subs to an AMP and expect it too sound great. I learned the hard way.
Hello i am new to owning a camaro but in two months i have already installed in my car
pioneer head unit deh-p6600
kicker 6.5 3 ways up front and out back
got rid of the factory sub
dhd 3 way cross over 24 db slope on low pass, 18 db slope on mid and high pass
2, 10'' kicker comp subs custom box
2. 12'' kicker comp subs in custom box
pioneer 100 by 4 channel amp on high end
2, rockford fosgate power 551 amps on low end
optima red top
2 fared stinger capacitor
metered distrubition blocks
all stinger wires
I took 2 weeks a little here a little there and finally eye rattling music hooray!!!!
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Pioneer DEH-P580MP Deck
2 Twelve Inch Rockford Fosgate T1 Subwoofers(Dual 4 OHM Voice Coils)
Rockford Fosgate 20001bd Amplifier(2000 watts 1 ohm stable)
Lightning Audio 5 Farad Capicitor
Optima Yellow Top
All this was originally in a 91 Toyota pickup, in a 7 foot ported box, it hit 141 decibels. Now its in my Z28, and a much smaller box!
Here's what I have in my 96 Z. I like the deck but I need a better amp and speakers.

Alpine CD Player CDA-9825
(2) Kicker 12" Subwoofers
Generic 600 Watt Amp - ha ha :lol:
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