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what 's a ws-7,, ws-9

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ok I know what a ws-6 is... but on ebay I see emblems for a ws-7 (93-97 trans ams) and a ws-9 (98-02 trans ams)
just wondering if anyone knows if there was really a trans am with ws-7 ws-9?
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On the WS9, its because all T/A start as Formulas. I.E. Pontiac Firebird Formula TransAm WS6. As far as I know all 4th gen Formula and TransAms have the WS9 code.

And WS7 is just a term slapped on to non original WS6s that put WS6 stuff on it, like the hood, etc.
I have a 1998 TransAm...But then I put everything the WS6 had in my car like ramair hood the 17' rims ect..I have the WS7 badge on my car so people know its not a real the WS7 badge stands for a Clone of the WS6.
ws7 is essentially made up

ws9 is the formula conversion RPO
friggin copycats....

WS9 is also a really sweet hood for 98-02 firebirds. its a WS6 hood with firehawk heat extractors
WS9 hoods like pretty sweet indeed. I have heard that WS-7 badges come with some Procharger kits specially orderd for the trans am.....i personally think its a myth...procharger specifically for a transam????
I thought I heard that Suncoast Creations original provided the WS7 badges with their WS6 style hoods. I have both the hood and badge on my 98, but they didn't come together.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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