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okay I just joined the forum (like today) so not even sure if this is the right section but here I go. I have a 1993 trans am with the it has a lot of engine up grades from the previous owner. I love the upgrades and want to go further with it but want to keep it n/a. my main question is what would be best to ad next???? as for what it has now
Maroso cai
vortech intake elbow
rpm performance throttle body air foil (throttle body itself is still stock)(has coolant bypass done)
trick flow heads
pacesetter long tube headers
3 inch hooker exhaust with a cut out
msd coil
it has a comp cam. CC503 CAM(224/230 WITH 112LSA)
richmond 3.73 gears

alright I think that's all of it. any help is appreciated... like I said just wondering what to add next...thank you:LS1LT1flag:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts