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What intercooled size for Vortech S Trim

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Picking up an intercooler soon for my build. Just curious what size would be sufficient for a Vortech S Trim?

I was looking at one that is 31x13x3 3" inlet and outlet.
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Biggest you can fit, and or afford.

I have the same size core but the 4" thick one.

The price isn't all too much of an issue, just not sure where to start with size. And no clue where to order the piping. I know no piping is gonna be direct bolt on but want to find a general kit with all the pieces I need.

Would the size I posted be sufficient you think? Keep in mind I'm going to be getting a smaller pulley and trying to run 10-12psi, as I'm taking it to get tuned next month.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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