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What about TECH FAQ?

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Vbulletin has a great FAQ engine already. What if we use it for more than just how to use the forums?

Anybody intersted in helping me develop a bunch of tech FAQ's to add? This could be a supplement to the Tech DB or it could replace it.
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I just need shit-tons of questions and answers to start loading in, LOL.
Yeah just put them all here and perhaps others can contribute as well. I imagine we'll have LT1 and LS1 questions and other sub categories.
Yeah and I need LT1 stuff too.

I have 5 LS1 FAQs up already...I'm just doing them as I have time a few here and there.
LMAO..where'd you come up with that one?

Chris89GTA said:

Q: Why does my dyno graph look like a heartrate meter...

A: Cause you car has a POS bastardized Optical Spark Distributor that GM hacked off Mitsubishi, then abandoned when it gave them nothing but problems. You would be better w/ a gerbal and a 10,000 volt cattle prod than that thing!!!
OK, most of the above stuff has been added to the FAQ. I'm not done putting stuff in but this is a good start. I even wrote a new article on Optisparks for the LT1 FAQ.
I have a '01 t/a LS1 that is going into a 1954 Chevy belair and want to know what option I have for airbox/filter setups as obviously the stock setup probably will not work well in this situatuion? I have considered buying a y-split alum type (corvette type) housing--many avail on e-bay for looks and ease of install, is this a good option or is there a better one? Any other swap info you can provide would be great as well, just got my wiring harness back from Current Performance and want to get started on this project.


This is the wrong place for your question. Please create a new post in the proper technical section.
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