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Vibrations in transmission while in park?

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Ok so I recently bought a 1999 camaro z28 auto trans. I'm trying to work out some kinks in the transmission area all at the same time so.
1st. I have a thud sound coming from the center console area so I searched an I got some reply's on a thread I started a few weeks ago saying it was more than likely the torque arm/trans. mount.
So I bought both an I'm gonna put them on but first I want to figure out the reason that I have vibration in the car so on to the.
2nd. I get a vibration in the car, the high the RPM's go the worse it gets, so I was thinking u-joints but I'm not so sure on that because if I leave the car in park an rev it I can feel the vibrations in it just as if I was driving it.....does any one have any ideas on what this could be?
Any help I would be great full!!
Thanks Lance.
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You eliminate many possibilities if it vibrates in park. It's possible that the broken trans mount may be causing it too. It could also be a torque converter that's out of balance or the converter to flexplate bolts could be loose. There's not a whole lot turning in the trans in park, so it could even be an engine vibration. Change your mount first, and then we'll see if it's still there and try to narrow it down.

I agree with Frank. You must replace the bad mount to be diagnosed further. Did you purchase stock rubber mounts or did you upgrade to Polyurethane mounts? Rubber mounts will deteriorate extremely quickly if there are even small leaks of oil or trans fluid. Poly mounts do not deteriorate because of these elements. They are stiffer and will cause some extra vibration that takes time to get used too, but you won't be spending money replaced rubber bushings all the time.
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