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Hey all, New here, just bought a 96 Firebird TA with the LT1 and 6 speed std. I absolutely love the car so far. It has a very strange issue though. When and only when the heater knob is set to any of the AC settings (defrosts and anything with the blue dot) my car gets a miss. Not constant, but every 30 seconds to a minute or so. Usually only when staying at a constant speed, not normally when accelerating. Most times at the precise moment it misses there is a strange kind of sound...almost like a quick whistle/relay tick kind of noise (almost like the sound when the electric fan kicks on in almost any car). As long as I keep the heater setting off the AC settings, no miss at all. As soon as I turn on the AC settings it will start again (I did it today and the exact second I turned it on I got a miss). The exceptions to this is if it's relatively cool out (like 60 degrees or less) it won't do it even with the AC unit on.

I'm going to replace the Opti Spark anyways, since It just clicked over 100,000km and I don't see it being replaced in any of the receipts, but I don't really see how this could be distributor related. Could the AC condenser even cause a miss? I've never experienced this before. If anyone here can shed a bit of light it would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys!
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