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Vendor Alley Forum Rules (Vendors and Members)

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Vendor rules:

1. Only Sponsors may post. All other commercial businesses who post will have their posts deleted.

2. Vendors should limit their posts to one of the following:
-Announcement of a Group Purchase
-Announcement of a sale price or other product special
-Announcement of a new product or new product line (We now carry "X" brand exhaust, for example)

3. Vendors should not post regularly priced non-sale items just to get thread views. Users can click on your banner ad and browse your selection for ordinary inventory items.

Member Rules:

1. Members may post requests to our Sponsors for GPs or sales.

2. Members may not post sales or GPs from non-sponsoring companies in Vendor Alley.

3. Members may not post "who has the best price on X" posts. You have an internet connection or you wouldn't be here, go browse our sponsors and do your own research.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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