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i had a security light on when i bought the car all of a sudden i started getting the engine shuts off ,then would start up and be fine,then a month down the road same thing then it would just crank until it sat till the next morning and it was fine again,i got a new key from gm he measured the resistance in my old key witch was worn out and i got a new one,i double checked the resistance myself so i know it matches,then i had to do the vats bypass where you cut the wires from the ignition and solder in resistors to match the key resistance in tricking the vats brain,i did all this and got the security light to shut off by turning the new key almost to start position and with the resistors wired in,i did everything perfect as shoebox explained,even down to the exact resistors from the electronic store,thats when i knew it was my ignition that was faulty and not reading keys for resistance anymore,but after the new key,resistor trick,and getting the light off i still had the same sympton would just run for 10min and shut off like someone took it off life support,will the pro bypass module fix this,and will i hafto have my tuner still disable it,witch i havnt done yet he was the one to tell me to do the resistor trick from the ignition lock cylinder with a new key and then tune it out but then what if the vats module or vats relay is still bad,im so sick of this issue and just want it fixed permanently,and also do hafto wire back the vats wires to my ignition and get rid of the resistors with the pro bypass module installed,or just leave the resitors by the ignition hooked up so the security light stays off also,and last but not least new rockies installation instructions says option 1 unplug the tdm and hardwire the pro bypass module to those wires,great but then theres option 2 lol leave the tdm in and wire the pro bypass module to the pcm wires then heres where it gets tricky it tells you only for option 2 to ground the theft relay (TDR) why do i hafto ground the relay if im buying a bypass module and why only if i install that pro module to the pcm wires and not to the tdm wires im so confused on these directions and have tried shoe box and new rockies directions and a million websites and posts to try and solve this mystery,all i want to know is if i buy this pro module from new rockies do i get rid of the resistors i wired in by the ignition and will this screw me and turn my light back on or do i hafto leave the resitors in by the ignition and still install the pr bypass module,and last but not least the relay TDR do ihafto ground this still if i wire the pro module in place of my old tdm when i remove the tdm from the car,and after all that when i send my pcm out to jay solomon does he hafto still disable the vats lol im sorry for jumping in on this post i really am sitting here going crazy and i want to know the truth and the correct way step by step on how to install this module and get rid of any security problems foreverrr!! thank you camaro freinds your my last hope.
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