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Valve spring setup help

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I have read the sticky, just making sure of details.- I have PAC 1218s & nsa rrs, with a 218/230 .535/.569 110 cam on stock 97 LT1. Do I need to purchase shims, +0.050 locks, retainers, etc to achieve the desired 1.8 height? Thanks :poke:
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Spring height for LT1 is usually 1.75-1.78" measure with a valvespring micrometer or dial vernier caliper between the retainer and spring cup. Purchase the recommended retainers and spring cups. Shimming reduces installed height and increases seat and open pressure. Also reduces the amount of valve lift before coil bind (turns of coils contact each other) reducing the maximum cam lift allowable. Run them at the manufacturers reecommended height or the LT1 height.

These cost less than micrometers and work well in many measurement applications.

Trademark Tools 6" Dial Vernier Caliper: Tools : • View topic - sellecting valve springs, and setting up the valve train

Specified install Height is 1.8 Inches

You can run the PAC retainers PAC-R310 PAC-R311 or the Comp cams retainers for the 918 Springs Comp cams part 787-16.

Spring Seats

Alex's parts also sells retainers and cups to install beehive springs on LT1's Call them and tell them what you need.,-LT1,-GEN-II-SBC/

Topic of beehive springs

Good Post on Beehive springs Read especially Lloyd Elliots post #4|-l...1220-beehive-valve-springs-advice-needed.html
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