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Greetings all WAILERS!

Tidewater Regional Impala SS Club (TRIC) here in beautiful Norfolk, VA
is having our 5th Annual Dyno Day on Saturday Dec 3rd, 2005.

PCMFORLESS will be represented by Bryan Herter and Alvin Anderson

Pricing for tuning will be PCMFORLESS website pricing.

If you are a current PCMFORLESS customer, work with Bryan or Alvin on
what you need.

HP RaceCraft is providing the facility:

We may have 2 dynos on site that day, so its possible we'll be VERY
well equipped to run a lot of cars.

Dyno Pulls are 2 for $50, $75 for 3 or 4.

Location is right off Interstate 64/264 in Norfolk. Maps, directions
etc are posted on the TRIC website:

Mapquest it from your location !!


Tuning will be available for:

LS2's, LS1's, LT1's, L98's, GM V6's. ( cars and trucks )

GM Vortech trucks 96-99

'88 and up F-body's

Mustangs, 96 to 2004, and 95 and older with chips

Ford Diesels!!


Questions/Comments/Requests... please email myself or Ed Hutchings
off list.

Ed is the man to talk to for Dyno questions:

[email protected]

Housekeeping and other stuff, email me... :)

[email protected]

If you know you are ready, please call 757-424-1740, talk to Ed
Hutchings, and setup your time.

Thanks all!!

Gerry Massie-
Tidewater Regional Impala SS Club (TRIC)

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Need a tune on a third gen?

I will likely need people to pre-register with me in order to make it.
Negative on me, Gerry posted this event on our site, but nothing about pre-registration. We were still waiting to here back from him on prices.

We have a good amount of folks who were interested.

Thread is here:

If needed, feel free to register.

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Bryan is charging his normal mail order price and I'll be charging $175 per car.

I need people to at least check in with me because its a long long trip for me.

Glad to hear people are interested.. These dyno days are always fun and people always walk out with good deals. Last time we where up there they had a big grill out, it was alot of fun.
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