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Turn Signals - Not a Socket issue

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Let me lead out by saying this is my first attempt at a thread. I have spend the last several days researching the site regarding my specific problem and I have not yet found any information.

Car = 1995 Firebird Trans Am - I have owned it for one week. LT1, Auto.

Issue - Turn Signals and left brake light.

Background - Bought the car last Sunday, Seems to me like the turn signals worked on the test drive. On the ride home, I got the standard solid green light on the instrument panel, indicating a light was out. The following day - same thing - solid light on the instrument panel. The following day, not even a light on the instrument panel.

What I have done so far - Replaced all the bulbs, checked all sockets, replaced the flasher, checked the fuse (side panel of dash only - not aware of another fuse for TS's????)

All sockets are in great shape, no bulbs were found to be bad.

What I did find, the rear tail lights are spliced in from a 1996 using the 3057 bulb as opposed to the 2057 of the 1995. The splice appeared to be of good quality, all splices were sautered and heat shrink wrapped.

I have tail lights/parking lights and flashers at all panels. I have the right brake, thrid brake light but no left brake light.

I have not yet done continuity testing, that will be tomorrow, but trying to see where to even start. I am puzzled by two things:
1) I had at least solid lights on the instrument cluster panel now nothing.
2) I have hazard lights but no turn signals. (That leads me to believe the problem is not at the rear of the car but more than likely somewhere toward the front.

So does anyone have an idea where to start? AND........

Am I correct in thinking that the turn signals and flashers utilize the same wiring at the rear of the car and at the fron to of the car??????

Thanks and any help is appreciated.

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Had a similar issue on an old 86 S10 (wires spliced here and there from installing Cadillac taillights) but it was a broken wire near the engine compartment. Not too sure on the differences in the two's wiring but maybe it'll help ya.
Thanks Hendy. I done some research last night on I may have found my problem, won't know until today. I made an assumption that what I replaced was the turn signal flasher. WRONG - It was the hazard flasher. Still have to do some re-wiring in the back where the 96 tail lights were spliced in, there are some crushed wires there from pinching them between the studs and the housing. So I am going to do that tonight, re-wire and replace the correct flasher.
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