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Turn Key=Relay click/no crank

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hi guys I have a 1995 Camaro z28 auto trans. so this is my problem I turn the key to start my car and I hear the relay click in engine fuse box but no crank. when I turn the key onto ON position the security light stays on for about 4 second and turns off so I don't think its a VATS problem..

I know the starter is good (connected a starter button to it) and I get the engine to crank that way.

can someone please help with idea!
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The road from the ignition switch to the starter is a long and complex one. The starter relay aka theft deterrent relay, the transmission range switch, the ground for the relay coil that comes from tdr ( theft deterrent relay), all play a part in the starter working.

I suggest you go to and study the starting part of the starting and charging wiring diagram. Study the diagram and see which component, wire or connector is not working as it should.

If you note on the wiring diagram, when you turn key to start, power goes to tdr points and through transmission range switch to tdr coil. Both must have power to have starter work. Then tdr supplies ground to tdr coil and points close and then power goes to starter solenoid on purple wire.
From what I gathered the starter solenoid was clicking, but the motor wasn't cranking. When the starter main power wire, and purple solenoid wire were jumped via bump starter the motor cranked. Is this right?

In this case you need to check the voltage at the solenoid wire. If it is less than battery voltage when the key is turned to run trace back from there like Coco said.

More clarity would be good, like - how did you wire the bump starter, - was the clicking you heard the starter solenoid (as if your battery was low) - or some other relay.
Hey thanks alot guys I found the problem someone tryed bypassing the vatts and did ahitty wre connections I connected them and bam it works now

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