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Tuning Software

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I have a '94 Z M6 and I need to get a tune, from what I have been reading PCMforless is the best choice. I have ordered the OBD1 cable from Moates, I have a laptop and need software. Could you guys advise me on what software I need and where to get it from.
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transamtom said:
Unless you buy the expensive pro version it can only be used on one car as its tagged to your serial #(VIN=Vehicle Identification Number)

Buy a spare PCM and send it to PCMFL or Madwolf to program along with your Vin and modlist.

Madwolf is $80.00.
How much is a spare PCM to buy? And is Lt1-edit an easy to use, begginer program?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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