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Ideal for unmodified or very slightly modified vehicles

If you don’t plan on heavily modding your car then you may wanna get this. Its better suited for A4’s since you can firm up shift point. Not much for m6’s. A few of the things this can do is:
? Increase shifting pressure
? Adjust speedometer if you’ve changed your gears
? Adjust the fan settings
Just to name a few

This is the ideal handheld as it allows for more parameters to be modified. A great upgrade from the HPP3! It can do all the same things the HPP3 can as well as:
? Adjust timing and fuel curve
? Adjust MAF tables
? Delete rear o2’s
? Read and clear DTC’s
? Delete C.A.G.S for M6’s
? You can also download a few select tunes from the Diablo website on top of this.

Ideal for mildly- heavily modified vehicles. IE heads/cam/forced induction

The first of the tuning software packages for the LS1’s. Used to be the ideal way to tune. Has now incorporated a built in scanner as opposed to having to be used in conjunction with EFIlive or autotap to aid in tuning. This software is VIN specific. Most tuners that use this lock the PCM although from what I've seen hpt & efilive should still be able to open/read/modify the files eventhough they are locked. $450 for one vin locked license & 6 months of free updates after that its $50 for an extra 6 months of updates. $150 for each additional vin locked license. Available for 94-97 LT1's, 97+ LS1's, LS2's & most late model trucks. Currently Serial interface only.

One of the best software packages available today. It has a great built-in scanner that allows you to monitor a wide amount of PID’s. Flashing and reading the computer is so much faster compared to Edit. Read/Write times are much faster & less prone to kill your PCM. HPT now offers a credit based licensing system which allows the user to buy vin licenses or year locked licenses & eventually upgrade via their "upgrade credit" system. Free updates for life has also been recently added. A great decision for the person who wants to be his own tuner! V2.0.x for the most part has eliminated the need for any spreadsheets because of its customizable histograms. Near unlimited licenses allowed on one cable. 1, 2, 3 bar Custom OS's available for additional cost of $49 for 1 bar & $99 for 2/3 bar where applicable. Also offer the only 2 bar custom OS available on the market for 98 f & y bodies as well as the only 2.5 bar custom OS for the E40 processor LS2 motor. Comprehensive help file with how-to's can help newbies through the tuning process. Available for 97+LS1's, most late model trucks, many late model I4, I5, I6 cars & trucks, most late model 3.1, 3.4, 3.5, 3.8, 3.9, 4.3 v6's & now offer LS2/LS7 tuning as well as 01-05 Duramax & Allison transmission tuning & will support Dodge & Ford platform tuning soon. USB interface currently offered in 2 models STD & PRO. Recently started offering Real Time Tuning as a free upgrade to all current 1/2/3 bar custom OS users and added a MAF custom OS as well for people wanting to still use their maf for only $49.


EFILive Flashscan:

One of the best software packages available today. Has vin locked licensing & with your personal or commercial purchase you get 2 vin locked licenses, but upgrades to custom 1,2 & near 3 bar SD Operating systems are free with the commercial license. Has always offered free updates for life. Allows for kickass customization of your scanner. Eliminates the need for excel sheets using custom histograms with in depth filtering. In depth tuning writups as well as some flash demonstrations add to the ease of use. Max of up to 25 vin locked licenses can be purchased for one cable although with the soon to be released V2 unit will hold an unlimited amount of vins. 97-98 LS1 licenses are free with your purchase Available for 97+ LS1's, Most late model trucks including gm diesels & I6's. Recently partnered with Craig Moates in developing the Roadrunner which mainly aimed at tunershops will provide "real time" tuning. Very Focused on providing the best DYI programming for LS1's for a decent price. USB interface only.

Jet Dynamic Spectrum Tuner:

MXSCAN is finally out of beta and though not as impressive as the efilive or hptuners scanners it should get the job done for the most part. If youve used other tuning programs in the past and don't need much help this might be the choice for you. Available for all LT1's, LS1's and pretty much anything GM produced since 1984. Also Partnered with Moates on the Roadrunner system mentioned above. Serial interface only.

Big thanks to Nino from for a large portion of this comparison :D :rockon:
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