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Tunercat - What veriables to change?

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I have recently purchaced the Tunercat Software, and have downloaded the Datamaster trial version. I have no problems connecting pc to programs, thanks to the existing post. I read through some of the post on here trying to get a good grasp on what I will be needing to change on my PCM. My current setup is pretty basic, or as I like to say "budget built!" The following is the list of my mods I have: CAI, Long Tube Pace setter headers, header dumps w elec. cut outs, Cat deleted, AC delete pully, Walbro 255 (inline), 160 deg T-stat, MSD 6AL digital, and 150 shot DRY Nos kit. On the MSD I am running it at 0 deg and using it via trigger to retard timing with NOS system! I've utilized a HP III tuner up to this point, and feel with the headers and cat delete, I am running way rich! I seem to have good Vacuume and fuel psi is between 42-46 on normal driving. If someone could direct me on where these changes need to be made, and what to look for on the datamaster, I would greatly appriciate it. BTW, the car hasn't ran well since the exhaust upgrades, I've checked for leaks and to be thourough I have checkeded the A.I,R. connections to the dumps, and even on to the dual 40 series, no leaks! Thank you to all that take the time to read this and help! (BTW my ride is a 95 LT1, OBD1 with OBD2 ALDL)
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I suggest reading the pcm tuning info located in sticky threads of this section. Also LT1 PCM Tuning - Welcome! has some good tuning info.
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