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tunercat comm port issue

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When trying to connect my aldl cable to my usb the entire comm port list says invalid port. I have installed the usb drivers and aldl drivers. Tunercat is a pain in the ass. Ive used lt1 edit, hp tuners, and tunerpro rt with ease and no problems.

btw 94 trans am also have the $EE loaded windows 8
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Are you using windows 7 or 8? Tunercat is an older program designed for windows 95 or 98. Try using compatibility mode and see if tunercat works then. I have no problem with tunercat, DataMaster, or freescan on my xp computer.
I am using windows 8 running in compatibility mode for windows xp sp3.. not having any luck no matter what I try.. Getting code 10 in the device manager screen when I plug in the cable.
just tried it on my desktop with windows 7. It all works. Maybe my gaming laptop's usb 3.0 ports are the issue?
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