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Tubular k member help!

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Hey everyone! I'm new and this is my first post, I've got a 93 z28. My motor is almost done being built and I need to make a decision on a k member, so my question is: what is the best brand(bmr,umi,pa, etc)? And what is the best buy? I'm looking to order one within the next few weeks. Also where is the best place to order from or where can I get the best deal? My motor is a forged 383 with a single custom tc76 set up, just lookin to free up some work space and shave some weight. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Where would you suggest ordering from? Straight from umi or through eBay or Texas speed or somewhere similar?
I have a PA racing on mine and I like it. Its the lightest one out there :)
Where would you guys suggest ordering from?
Where would you guys suggest ordering from?
Try plugging in the item number on a search engine n see if u can find a place that will ship for free. Usually they do if its over a dollar amount.
Do we have a site sponsor or anything I can go through?
i helped install an UMI on someones car and it was a really nice peice of metal. it felt really solid after too; i've seen other aftermarket k-members feel like a real peice of crap with poly or solid mounts, this one was really nice.
I just found out that pa racing is only 35 minutes from where I live so most likely I will be going with one of their k members. Going to give them a call tomorrow and see what I can get worked out. Thanks for the input guys!
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