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Hey guys, might be a long one but I’ve been looking for help and I don’t get any email responses back from shops, nor do I really know anyone with an LT1, but here goes…
I currently own a ‘94 Z with the 350 LT1 Auto that has 113k miles, car has cracked heads unfortunately so I’m looking to build it now, I’m looking to make a fun street car, that can surprise people but nothing where I’ll be uncomfortable the whole time, but I do have higher tolerance I’d say, I am young (22) and still have a good back aha. But anyways, suspension work is done to the car already, looking at Monsters 600hp capable tranny and that is set there. Other current mods I have are,

Longtube Headers w Magnaflow Exhaust, SLP Cold Air Intake, Edelbrock Intake Manifold, Holly 52mm Throttle Body, Upgraded Fuel Pump, 160 Degree Thermostat, and I’m looking to get 32LB injectors from Racetronix. It has a STOCK Bottom End

So now to the meat of the post, I have a couple mods picked out that I would like to add to the car, these being AFR 210cc Heads, Tick Master Stage 3 HMB Cam, 3600 or 3800 Stall TQ from FTI, and an MSD Opti. I need guidance on what I should I do while the engine is out and pricing, I’ve read multiple things from just rebuilding the bottom end, getting forged pistons/rods, resealing gaskets, but I’m not sure exactly what each entails and what parts to buy, or what exactly to do, I just have the main parts picked out but what little miscellaneous bits will I need, expect to replace, stuff like that? In the future I plan on adding nitrous (100 Shot Max) but that’s all I have planned really. What’s a good price estimate for what I want done+labor? I honestly have set aside, I’d say $7000 for parts, and a couple more for labor as I can’t do anything myself, will I need to keep saving or is it doable? Thanks for any assistance
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