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Hey guy's what do you think of Transgos separator plate?

I am getting one of there shift kits and would like to know if I should buy the plate as well.

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The plate is part of the kit.
I didn't get a new separator plate when I got the shift kit w/ the tranny rebuild kit...
they say it come's with out the plate.

Chris89 did you buy a plate...or just use the kit?
My bad, I'm not thinking of the right thing then.

No, just re-use your existing plate...the kit comes with plugs that you use to close up some of the holes in the plate, and then you enlarge others....Works just as well as getting a new plate.

How much does the new plate cost? If it was like $20 it would be worth it to no have to hassle with the stock one, but if its like $100 then forget it.
I kind of feel silly now......the pate is just $16.00 US so still just around $20.00 Can.

Iam sure that with the kit the shipping wont be anymore,as they can put them together....................I know just buy the plate ya cheep bas#[email protected]
I used the stocker separator plate. Just added the plugs and drilled the designated holes.
Get the plate if you can. $20can is worth the money. 2 reasons:
1. No need to drill/plug any holes
2. Where the 1-2 / 3-4 accumulator springs seat on the plate, they wear that plate area out over time and could eventually break through if you end up getting the super firm shift springs in that kit.

My two cents.
You still need to drill & block the holes in the Trans-Go VB plate. What torque converter are you going to run? If you want smooth part throttle 1-2 shifts, & firm WOT shifts with this kit, you can do this, with a couple of additional parts for the accumulator. Let me know if I can be of help?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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