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Trans mount?

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I just picked up a 1999 camaro z28 with the 5.7 an auto trans.

I want to change out the transmission mount on it. I'm going to buy it from summitracing but I'm not sure which one to go with any help I would be great full thanks.

I'm going to go with energy suspension but they sale 2 different types.
1. is softer poyurethane.
1999 CHEVROLET CAMARO Energy Suspension Transmission Mounts 3-1158G -

1. is short design
1999 CHEVROLET CAMARO Energy Suspension Transmission Mounts 3-1142G -

Which one would be best?
The reason I'm going to replace it is because I think it's shot because I"m pretty sure I hear it/feel it hitting the trans tunnel an did some searching on here an think that's it plus they don't cost much so I'm gonna go ahead an replace it.
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Don't change to urethane unless you want to change motor mounts too. I know several LS guys that went to the urethane trans mount only to ruin their engine mounts. I ran the stock trans and motor mounts with a 408cui set up that made 465 lb/ft of torque. Do you need urethane or is it because its the trendy thing to do?
No I don't think I need urethane I just thought that if I was going to replace them I might as well just go with urethane. But I have been reading that if you use the urethane ones you will feel vibrations an I don't wanna feel no vibrations. I want the car to feel like it was just coming off the car lot for the first time.
Also the only thing done to the car that the previous owner told me it had was Long tube headers, 3" exhaust with no cats, ecu programmed, an some kind of brand of a carbon fiber K&N intake.
Thanks for the info./help!
Your local parts store will have them in stock I picked up a rubber one at napa for like 14 dollars they also had the polyurethane ones out on the shelf but I skipped it . there easy to change if u do decide to go urethane
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