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*TRADE* OBD1 LT1 PCM for my OBD2

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Trying to see if I can do this on the cheap, I have an OBD2 pcm for the 96-97 LT1 cars and caprice 4.3L cars. I am looking for however an OBD1 PCM (94/95) for my converted 88 Trans Am runing OBD1 LT1. Anyone out there that can help me, that would be greatly appreciated!

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I have an extra OBD-1 PCM......but you'd have to get it calibrated.

PM me; we can get this done ;) .

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Big thanks to KW Baraka for helping me out, really appreciate it!
84 red TA do you still have the extra obd2 PCM?
Not at this point, next time I go to the yard I will keep my eyes open for one.
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