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Hi guys, I want to share the news about the Trackbrackets.

If you want C5 front brakes on your F-body, you should check out the Trackbracket. Manufactured by Trackbird (Owner of and moderator here on, the brackets are sold through Speed Specialty.

Made from 1 piece of CNC'd billet aluminum, they allow you to bolt on C5 front calipers on your 93-02 Fbody. Once you get the rotors and other OEM parts you have C5 braking power, and a lot better looking car too, especially for those of you running LT1 stock brakes.

These are the same brackets designed by Bob Bishop, and at one time sold by me under the name Nashville Speed a few years ago. Trackbird has taken over the manufacturing and marketing of the brackets.

So, you know you are getting the highest quality bracket on the market (there are some cheap imitations out there). Please check out the sponsor link to Speed Specialty for more information.

(Disclaimer: Speed Specialty is not a sponsor here, the link is just to promote the Trackbrackets themselves).
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