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I may have posted this in the wrong thread before.

I'm doing some basic testing with my car just to get some baselines. It's not meant to be a drag car. Just a driver that can still be fun.

I'm using a GPS tracker set up for drag racing. The claim is that it is very accurate, but I'm not so sure. It measured a 0-60 time of 4.2s, but a quarter mile time of 15.2s on the same run. Trap speed was 104mph.

The graph shows a lag in acceleration right in the middle... It appears to actually be slowing down slightly. I assume the app lost signal at that point, but I can't be sure.

Anyway, the car weight 3720lbs with me in it, 2.73 gear ratio, A4 auto. Completely stock tune and parts, except a cc305 cam and the engine is a 383Lt1 stroker.

Based on your experience, would you say the app is off? Could the car get a 15+ second time with a 104-107mph trap speed, yet still have a 4.2s 0-60? Is it just the way the gear ratio interacts with the A4 transmission?

I am hoping to get some feedback from the experienced...

Thank you
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