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throttle linkage issue

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So I got My build done and a half hour of idle and it sounds awesome.. couldn't be happier.. started right up and runs great... As expected I'm sure ill have a few hiccups to deal with. That being said the throttle is not responding like it should.. anyone have an exploded view as to how the cc backet should be attached, I've got it to the bolts on either aide of the booster vacuum line. and where the guide bolts to as well.. not that I think it matters much on the guide.. is the throttle cable adjustable? I havent dug into it much right now and it seems odd that this has happened since I never removed these items from the car, but I suppose stuff happens. Thanks for the help.. ill get a link to my first start posted soon.
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Spent a lot.of.time on his site and in My chilton and couldnt listed a view these are properly mounted.
Can anyone help with this? .. just walk out to your lt1 and see what two bolts the cruise unit is attached to. And what 1 bolt the cable guide is attached to.. they will all be on the driver side of the intake..Thx....
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