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Hello, Rezowhen here. It's been quite awhile since I posted on this forum - I bought my 1994 Pontiac Trans Am when I was seventeen, and since then it's given me the absolutely hell ever since.

Primary reason is this - the thing has been blowing transmissions left and right, I blew my first one when I was about eighteen, replaced it with a junkyard transmission and it ran fine for about six months - blew again. I hired a coworker who made two unsuccessful rebuilds on my transmission, (Mind you, I've put this transmission in more times than I've had successful relationships) and finally bought a scrap Camaro - (Friend of mine blew the engine, so I bought the Camaro for $450.)

The car sat up for three years between when I was 20 years old and now, I'm 23 - I went through hell getting new keys made for it, considering the dealership cut mine wrong, had to get insurance and a tag and when that didn't work, pop-a-lock came out and crafted me some keys, altogether running me about $500.

But alas, I got the transmission in, replaced the fuel pump and it cranked - during my victory ride home a car that sat up for three years, it broke down three times due to the alternator being toast. But that's fine, tore the alternator off the Camaro, works fine. Now secondary issue - cooling problems, I filled the radiator and was under extreme duress why my fans weren't turning on, and in the process of replacing the thermastat and both temperature sensors I noticed everything from the waterpump down was -BONE- dry. (not the radiator) so I took the thermastat out, popped the water hose in and filled up the block. Fans work now, more accurate temperature readings, still overheats - but this is when I came to the conclusion something was amiss.

The cooling system is sealed, no leaks whatsoever (With the exception of the ****ing radiator cap that likes to loosen by itself sometimes. . . Will probably just put the one from the Camaro on it.) and I pulled my engine dipstick, its fine, and when I pulled my transmission stick - it's PINK.

I recall putting in red fluid when I filled the transmission. . . I can understand once you break the fluid in it goes pinkish - but this car has been fixed for maybe. . . a week? With less than ten miles on it since I put the transmission in?

Which leads me to an issue, is there water in my transmission fluid, or am I over-reacting? The car still overheats, (Probably the waterpump, I'll just shred the Camaro - this effing car will have more Camaro parts on it than Pontiac by the end of this.) If this milkish pink transmission fluid indicates water has gotten inside of my transmission, then the only logical explanation is a leak on the interior of my radiator. But that still perplexes me - because they're two pressurized systems which means even if the hoses were leaking on the inside, the pressure ----- wait.

Just f*cking dawned on me. They're a series of plates that the fluid runs through, of two of the plates are bent internally, warped, then it will cause the two fluids to mix internally. So why don't I have transmission fluid in my coolant?

You see, when I was seventeen and having a single car as my daily driver, it was probably under horrible abuse. I work a dirty job and the interior is kind of wrecked. Window motors need replacing, pop-up headlights as well - along with the sort of rat infestation that left droppings in the floorboard, but those seem to be cleaned up for the most part. Now I actually have money to sink into it - and I have a spare car, a 1997 Saturn that I use as a daily driver to work and back.

If this is water in my transmission fluid, do you think it's even worth it to rebuild it? I'm passionate about this car for some reason (As much of an abysmal time and money sink it is.) I've gained a lot more skills since I was seventeen, and I trust myself to rebuild an engine and transmission (I'm an Outside Machinist by trade in the Maratime industry, if I can look at it, I believe I can tear it apart and build it.) Or should I say F*k it and throw a can of gas on the car and throw a lit box of matches at it?

Honestly looking for technical support - please let me know. I can provide pictures if necessary.

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4th gen section has 94 factory service manual and 4th gen parts books to help you. Look for thread titled "GM service manuals" For parts books look in sticky threads at top of section.

Also has a wealth of lt1 info.
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