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Where I worked was a smaller than 8th mile oval track .
It had a platform for cement trucks to flip their lids on tanker trucks.
just like a Flaggers tower.

And on other side was the Tower of terror lol.
About 400 feet of tunnel with steel truck scales.
with truck loading concrete sylos that would hold about truckloads of cement mix.
In the tunnel there was protruding foundations with I Beams that left about
12 feet for trucks 8 feet wide to drive through.
And once in a while ehe sylos would open and start dumping cement .
And wed shovel it in boxes on a forklift and put it on elevator and reload it.
when it dumped it would be 4 feet deep in the tunnel .
So it was a triple threat .
My sceaming Z28 Flying through could get cement dumped in front of car while racing through and if you wreck your surely going to get buried alive in cement
if you
The steel scales didnt seem slippery.
But the thought of putting to much power down going acrossed them and getting sideways in the tunnel
ment head on with big concrete pillars.
.On one corner the truck trailors would try to decapitate you if you slid of track.
other turn had grass for about 200 feet.
All concrete oval track .

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All under camera survailence lol.
Every day When Id get off and drive my Camaro home it would call to me and no one was around lol.
I was surely going to get sniched out by concrete plant next door or get seen on camera by boss .
Surprized it never ended up on youtube lol
40 laps or bust or Crash which ever comes first .lol
Pulled out on track with my 1997 Camaro Z28 6 speed and went for it.
All out punched it down shifted to 3rd for the corner hit 4th going through tunnel and hit 4th in the strait through tunnel .
eased up going acrossed scales first 2 laps through tower of terror .lol
And my Camaro devoured the little track .
So I hit it with all I had Hitting 5th and winding it up shifting to 4th in corners
and my Camaro was right at home with it .
The corners came so fast and I was flying through Thunder Alley so fast .
It was by far about 90 to 130 mph pass back and forth what a rush.
I did it every day after work .
I couldnt wait to go back to work.
I had a way to get in on weekends and did .
About a month later the manager told me Tom the owner
Wanted to know when I was going to put a scoop on my Z28 .
And that I had a race fan lol.
The owners was cool as heck.
And I was the apple in his Eye
But the manager kept trying to set me up as a disgruntled employee.
hed be standing in tunnel in a quick draw stance
with his hand on a 357 sig in the dark while I was loading truck under silos .
I ignored him
and did my paperwork.
but it was extreme.
And if down the guy Id be the bad guy.
So I left the job and Owner that I loved so much.
The manager was old and had Dementia and was playing Red eyed Redemption.
And bragged that he was a bad boy and wanted to shoot somebody .
It was escalating and I wouldnt have any part of it .
I offered the guy at 1 point to meet me at high noon on the railroad tracks.
but he wasnt into being shot back at .
putting bs aside it was the funest 2 months ive ever had.
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