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I want to take a second to publicly thank Nick & Eric at Victory Racing Engines for the excellent service that I received on a recent purchase. They went out of the way to special order me a couple custom parts. I told Nick what I needed and he told me no one makes them - but let him make a couples calls. A few weeks later, I was holding the parts that 'nobody makes'.

The parts were delivered quicker then expected and the price was right too. Eric was very accommodating by meeting me after-hours so that I could still pick up my parts even though I was running really late.

When I told Nick how much I appreciated the effort they put in, he told me not to tell him about it, tell someone else about it. That's why I'm posting it here and other places.

Thanks again guys! I'm putting another order together now. Hopefully, this one won't be as much work.

Ted Pelech
NSCA Super Street Camaro

:streetrac - Yeah, on the return road...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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