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tailgate problem, please help

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My tailgate on my 1994 roadmaster wagon was hit with a towball while i was at work. she backed right into it and did a good dent in the bottom left corner where the crestline in the body and light meet. did a good dent about 6-8 inches long, and bout 6 high. now, on the inside its damaged a little but its where the trunks narrow to the left beside the taillight. i dont see anyway to knock it out considering its 2 pannels, 1 outside 1 inside. and I cant find any tailgates online for sale or wagons in junkyards. how do i either fix the dent, or get a new tailgate and put it on? please help!!!!
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Try this salvage yard search engine. You can search your state, region, or the whole country. These yards ship parts all the time. Auto Parts Market

If you can't find one, there are several ways you can fix the dent.

1) cut an access hole in the inner panel, you will weld it back when your finished knocking the dent out.
2) use the weld on pins that are available from body shop supply houses. They come in a kit that includes the pins and special dent puller.
3) use an old fashioned slide hammer which will leave small holes in the outer panel that will get filled with bondo.

I did a quick search of the southeast and found a bunch of tailgates. Price range of $100-$300. Caprice tailgate will work on the road master.
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