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Well, I thought I screwed myself, but all is good.
My 94 TA is a 22K mile car, which I bought in August, has always been garaged or stored.
The only thing that is/was wrong cosmetically (original paint,) was the red Trans Am decal and bird on the tail light filler panel. It was faded, and bugged me. The panel and lights don't even has the whitish, grayish streaking and fading that are common, from natural plastic deterioration and UV that won't polish out, and kinda looks like an old dog's eyes when they get cataracts.
I tried the usual solvents to remove the decal, but age, along with the fact that decal glues are caustic to plastic, made the decal essentially "become one" with the panel.
I made the mistake of trying a magic eraser wheel, and it actually burned the plastic, and raised and melted little bits of it. I was really angry.
Had nothing to lose, so I went with lots of sandpaper. Started with 320 dry, then 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000. All wet sandpaper.
I finished it off with Griots Complete Compound, Correcting and Perfecting Creams.
The panel is beautiful once again. Just waiting for a new decal from Hawks, which I may decide not to install, because it looks so good without it.
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