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T-shirt redesign contest....ends January 31.

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The idea for this contest came from Transamman25. Basically we're calling all photoshop geeks to submit artwork for a new T-shirt.

There are no rules other than it has to be somehow tied into the site and it can't be indecent.

The winner will get:
1. The first t-shirt with the new design from our store
2. a free upgrade to Supporting Member status
3. two stickers.

All submissions should be posted/attached to this thread no later than January 31. The entries will be voted on in a poll of members, the top 3 will be chosen and then I'll pick the final winner based on my personal opinion (it is my site after all :D)
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Gee wonder why ya like that one ? Ive seen that pic somewhere before lol .. hey i have all 4 of those pics in the video im putting together for the site just so ya know.

Sounds good. If you need more, I can get them.
Who would u say has it so far?
I have my favorites, but I can't say.
i don't know what happened to the site that i uploaded my designs there ...? BANDWITH EXCEEDED .. mmm so anyone can rehost them or sending to him on his e-mail at first then upload them plz..?

very great designs we got from you all guys

oops thanks guys i've fixed the problem with my site and here is all of the pictures again in one reply :cool:

First Design:

Second Design:

Third Design:

i did them on some real T-Shirts and they was incredible looking :rockon: i'll try to do another works ;)

NOTE: if the pictures didn't appear to you just enter my photos site and see them there .
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Love the designs .. though not crazy about the rat fink cam one

it's almost over guys ...... is there anymore ??
Tomorrow is the last day!
hey guys this is my last design which just have done :cool: i think it's one of my BEST ;)

as usual if they don't appear just visit my photos site and see them as two first pictures

tomorrow is the judgment day .... PEACE
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I guess tomorrow well have to set up a poll......there's too many choices though, as a poll is max 10 choices....
Sounds good.
So what kind of "profit sharing" are we talking about if my car ends up on one of the shirts? :roflmao:
Guys designs look great .. awesome job and good luck to all entries

My Bad. I'll get a poll going today so that all the members can vote.
Closing this thread:

Vote for the winner here.
So here's the finished product in white:
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