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T-shirt contest poll: Vote for your favorite design

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There's too many entries to run a real poll, so in this poll vote by replying.

1. 1 Vote per member. Select your favorite design from this thread.
2. Voting will continue through Sunday
3. On Monday morning, I'll pick the ultimate winner from the top 3 vote getters.

4. The winner will be our new site T-shirt.
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Transamman25 said:
Post #22 with the color change T/A
Transamman25 said:
Post #22 with the color change T/A
Regardless who made that design i really like it :thumbsup:

Post #28 (Bad95Killer's design).... i like that Sunset Orange SS with the others :cool: very impressive looking T-shirt it'll be .... and be sure i'll be the first buyer ;)
#51 for the back
and throw
#36 pic #2 on the front
I was gonna say #22 but I realized its Brian's car and his head is too big already ;)
Post #51 is amazing
My vote goes to this design :rolleyes:
Post #17 timestamped 01-17-2006, 05:06 PM
gets my vote!
Covers the Y-s and the F-s. . .
lol what are we closing this one at midnight Chris ?

Yeah, its closed as of right now. I'll pick my winner tomorrow.
Well I think I have to give the win to Bad95Killer, he got 5 votes and nobody else got more than 2. I'll say there are a couple others I personally like better but I'll go with the majority here.

Congrats Bad95Killer. We need to get your images loaded to cafepress and then I'll order you a shirt.

I want to get all of them up though, so people can choose whatever style they like.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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