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Switched to ls1, now code p1416

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So I just switched from a 1993 T/A to a 2002 z28! :)D) anyway, the second day I had it, the SES light came on. Autozone tells me its code P1416 (air system check bank 2 fault) and recommended changing my air filter. So instead of doing anything Auto Zone says, I get online and discover that the common reason for this code is a clogged AIR check valve. The code indicates it should be the PASSENGER side correct? Upon examining the valves and the hoses, the hose on the DRIVER side is split where it clamps to the valve. Could this split on the driver side cause the left side code, or is the passenger side the true culprit? I realize that all these parts are cheap, but why replace good stuff?
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sure, i'd say that might be the issue.

i believe it diagnoses air pump issues by cycling the pump while checking corresponding o2 readings

personally i'd just get rid of the damn thing, unplug it tune it out whatever. the only reason it's there is to make the cats warm up faster
Just get hptuners or ls1edit programming and delete the codes.
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