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Im working on swapping a 2002 6.0 into my 1996 K1500 that had a Vortec 350 and has the 4l60 trans.

Do i need a spacer for the flywheel in order to mount the 02 6.0 to the 96 4l60?

I found a company that will take my OEM harness from the vortec 5.7 and make it work with the 02 6.0 so its all plug and play

I just need to know if the 02 6.0 will bolt right up to the 96 4L60.

thanks guys

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You will need a spacer. And, use the 6.0 flexplate.

You'll have one less bellhousing bolt, because the LS series doesn't have the hole drilled and tapped behind the passenger side cylinder bank. The LS transmissions had a bolt in the top center that SBC's never used, and added a full circle bellhousing that picked up the oil pan with two more bolts.

I'd recommend finding an LS series transmission so you have a full compliment of mount bolts. Or, the factory used a cast lower cover on LS 4L80E transmissions that you can modify to help support your older 4L60E.
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