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Swaping k-member from 1999 camaro to 1995

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hello i know that most parts of these cars are interchangeable i have a 1995 camaro that had the lt1 but it blew a head gasket. will the front end swap from the 1999 camaro to the 1995 i don't mean the bumper and fenders i mean the k-member,suspension parts, engine transmission, rad, will it all just swap over i know the harnesses are different to connect to the body harness.. will the parts bolt right in or am i getting into something that wont work?
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thanks for looking
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You are looking to swap the motor and trans right? Yes, all of the mentioned parts will bolt up. This page will help with the parts detail even though its for a v6 to ls1 swap, same items apply. 3.4/3.8 V6 to LS1 Its a big undertaking but its a lot of parts changing so its not difficult work, just takes time and effort. I swapped my 3.4 for my lt1 and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
I think there is only one way which can make your car attractive. The design of your car is so good , the thing which you need to do just repair your bumper and after that install some good graphic work or wrapping on it.For me i think it is the only way to make old cars cool.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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